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Believing the Word

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World Religions

BELIEVING THE WORD is a weekly half hour Q&A Show designed to answer your questions about the Christian faith and Jesus Christ. Join our live in-studio guest panelists for a fun and enlightening time by going to our Lighthouse Bible Church  Facebook  page each Wednesday night at 8 pm EST.  

You can also link to YouTube for the answer to specific questions. 
If you have your own question, email us. (lighthousebiblesearsport@gmail.com)

1. What makes Christianity different than other religions?

(9/14/16, 7:40-14:40)

2.Why are all religions fear based?

(1/4/17, 3:30-14:20)

3. Is it okay for Christians to read other religions' "holy books?"

(1/4/17, 27:40-34:50)