Opportunities to Fellowship


Joy Club - 6:00-7:30 PM


Prayer Meeting - 6:30 PM


Men's Prayer Time - 5:30 AM


​Ladies' Fellowship - 2PM

Linda Champeon


Tall Pines MInistry

Missionaries - Champeons 

(evening service)


 Morning Worship Service

September 16,  2018

Romans 10:14

"How shall they call on Him

in whom they have not believed? 

And how shall they believe in Him

of whom they have not heard?

And how shall they hear without a preacher? "

Scripture Reading

Psalm 34:1-16

Modern & Ancient Hymns, #88

"My Heart is Filled With Thankfulness"

Modern & Ancient Hymns, #83

"Merciful God"

Missionary of the Week

Charles and Joan Farley

Modern & Ancient Hymns, #115

"The Power of the Cross"

Music Offering

Jessi Blake & Laura Bonin

"God of Grace"

Message: MIssionary Charles Farley

"A Taste for the New"

(Luke 5:27-39)

Wilds Hymns, #177

​"Take My Life and Let it Be"

Where the Holy Bible is Wholly Taught


​​Serving the Lord

Cleaning - (9/17) - Shunks

Nursery -  (9/23) - Wildbeth/Chloe

Joy Club Snack  - Cathy

​Music Offering - (9/23) Joy

Piano Player -9/23) Kate

Mowing - (9/22) Don/Randy

Missionary Project - Rachael