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Believing the Word

1. How can I know I am headed for heaven?

(9/14/16, 33:00-37:00)

2. Can knowing Jesus bring comfort when a friend is dying?

( 9/21/16,30:50-35:00)

3. What's the sin that leads to death?

(9/21/16, 38:10-41:30)

4. Has the way to heaven always been the same?

(11/16/16, 10:10-18:20)

5. Does God account for the good we've done when judging us?

(11/23/16, 7:30-13;40)

6. How do enter into God's rest?

(12/7/16, 45:10-55:00)

7. Should I share the gospel with someone, if they're already going to church? (1/4/17, 35:00-41:10)

8. Why do some, but not all, Christians call themselves born-again?

(1/11/17, 3:40-9:50)

​9. Of the 4 groups, In the parable of the Sower and the Seed, how many 
are going to heaven? (1/11/17, 25:40-37:20)

​10. Should Christians change the way we talk & act to reach out 
to the Millennial Generation with a 'cool' Jesus? (1/25/17, 00:30-6:20)​

​11. Can't we just follow Jesus' example and live a good life to get to heaven? (2/18/17, 2:50-12:20) 

​12. Do Christians believe that they're the only ones going to heaven when they die? (0:00-11:36)

​13. I believe that we each can believe whatever we want to believe and we'll all be ok in the end.  What's wrong with that? (0:00-7:14)

​14. How can you help someone else believe in God? (0:00-10:36)


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