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Nature of People

1. How does Christianity help me regarding my money?

(9/14/16, 17:30-32:30)

2. Does Jesus teach us how to effectively raise kids?

(9/21/16, 26:30-30:50)

3. Does the Bible address how to be a good leader?

(10/5/16, 29:30-33:40)

4. What does the Bible say that real love acts like?

( 10/12/16, 23:40-28:40)

5. What hinders people from accepting Jesus?

(10/12/16, 28:50-34:10)

​6. How much is too much time to play video games?

(10/26/16, 27:50-31:30)

7. Does the Bible tell us how to face failure?

(10/26/16, 31:30-39:20)

​8. How does Christianity help regarding depression?

(11/2/16, 21:00-27:20)

​9. Why should we forgive people that wrong us?

(11/9/16, 35:40-45:30)

​10. Does the Bible say how to have a healthy body?

(11/9/16, 45:40-52:40)

​11. How does Christianity help regarding anger?

(11/16/16, 33:50-40:10)

​12. Does the Bible say how to be a good employee?

(11/16/16, 40:10-44:20)

13. Does the Bible force us to change our behavior?

(11/23/16, 2:30-7:20)

14. How can I help my stubborn brother know the Savior?

(11/30/16, 42:50-51:00)

15. How should a Christian face illness or a handicap?

(12/7/16, 35:00-45:00)

16. How can I follow my horrible boss or a horrible President?

(12/14/16, 39:00-49:50)

17. Does the Bible talk of any pitfalls to avoid while dating?

(12/28/16, 19:00-28:30)

​18. Does the Bible give advice for helping our aging parents?

(2/1/17, 27:40-37:00)

19. I am constantly tempted by women. Will this temptation every go away?

(2/8/17, 19:50-31:50)

20. My friend is always borrowing money & he has a lot of habits that I think

waste his money. ​Does the Bible say how I can best help him?

(2/8/17, 31:50-39:40)

​21. How can I take advantage of the Easter season to tell others about Jesus and salvation? (3/29/17, 27:10 - 30:50)

​22. Why are there many differences in what people wear to church? What should I wears? (0:00 - 7:53)

​23. How can I believe what Christians say when nobody else in my life believes?


24. How can I encourage my adult children to serve the Lord with their whole heart?


Believing the Word

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